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How Do Expert Fisherman Use Artificial Saltwater Pre-Rigged Lures?


Artificial saltwater pre-rigged lures are a MUST for weekend and novice fishermen. But guess what? They're a MUST for expert anglers and Charter Captains too!

We sure get A LOT of questions about artificial pre-rigged lures and lure packs. Here's a summary of your most frequently asked questions. We're confident that the information provided below will thoroughly answer the questions on this topic. We'll provide even more detailed answers to some of these questions in separate posts:

Can You Catch Saltwater Fish Using Artificial Pre-Rigged Lures?

Having an inventory of artificial saltwater pre-rigged lures is a MUST for expert anglers and charter Captains - even those who personally assemble their natural bait rigs. It's beneficial to have an assortment of pre-rigged styles, sizes, and colors of lures to help you strategize and fine-tune your personally assembled natural bait rigs while on the water. It's also beneficial to have an inventory of artificial pre-rigged lures available when you're fortunate enough to be on the fish, and you need to get more lines in the water - fast.

If you're a weekend warrior or novice angler and don't have the experience or time to assemble your own natural bait rigs, artificial saltwater pre-rigged lure packs are game-changers! They catch a lot of fish, and they'll allow you to start your day with minimal advance prep. You'll most definitely catch saltwater fish using artificial pre-rigged lures. Some of them seem to work even better than natural baits.


Are Artificial Pre-Rigged Lures as Effective at Catching Fish as Natural Bait Rigs?

An "it depends" question, if there ever was one. If you're an expert angler or charter captain with extensive experience personally assembling natural bait rigs - and you're knowledgeable and experienced with the fish species you're targeting - your natural bait rigs will likely perform the best and catch the most fish. 

On the other hand, if you're a less experienced angler or even an expert angler or charter Captain targeting a species of fish new to you - artificial saltwater pre-rigged lures are likely to perform best and catch the most fish.

Artificial saltwater pre-rigged lures are great, and they catch plenty of fish. Your choice to use them versus making your own natural bait rigs will be based upon three factors:

  1. Your perception or measurement of their "extra" effectiveness in catching more of a specific target species of fish when using natural bait rigs
  2. The time it takes you to make your natural bait rigs
  3. The cost of the materials to make your natural bait rigs

We assemble our natural bait rigs personally, but we also use many artificial saltwater pre-rigged lures. It's a "belt and suspenders" approach. The name of the game is catching fish. We are indifferent to which baits accomplish that goal. Therefore, we are confident in our natural bait rigs for specific target fish species. However, we troll a diverse spread of artificial lures because we want to increase our odds of yelling - Gottemondood!

Why and When Do We Use Artificial Lures at Gottemondood Charters?

Our goals are to have fun, be safe and yell - Gottemondood!  We use artificial pre-rigged lures every day.  In addition to our own personally assembled natural bait rigs, we use a variety of artificial lure sizes, styles and colors to help us analyze and fine tune all of our baits. And even though we run a full spread of lines, we always keep some extra gear ready at hand for those times when we are fortunate enough to be on the fish and we simply want to get another line back in the water as fast as possible without re-rigging.

I always run a blue and white Billy bait artificial lure all times of year.  Run it way back 100 yards behind - shotgun rig.

A lot of fish will go down deep when they hear a boat engine come by...and the spread has passed, but by running that trailer Billy Bait you can get one in the school when they come back up.

If you're a live bait fisherman, Another reason, if you can't find your live bait...turn to artificial collection.  Some times of year you just can't get on the live bait.

Which Artificial Saltwater Lures Do We Use at Gottemondood Charters?

Most game fishing is done by trolling using either lures or bait along with teasers that draw in fish to the wake of your vessel.  The type of gear you'll need depends on the type of fish you are likely to encounter.  In addition to our own very special natural bait rigs, we like using saltwater trolling lure packs.

I always run a blue and white Billy bait artificial lure all times of year.  Run it way back 100 yards behind - shotgun rig.


Nomad - austrailia


Seawitch put a mylar strand on top of it upside down

Rapala Magnum Lures  shallow water 50 feet red head with a white body sometimes the colors drag up the fish 10 knots troll Grouper or Mutton Snapper on the Reef will come up for it   They have a lip that makes them dive down 10 to 20 feet

Here's our favorites:

Why Do We Make Our Own Rigs, if Artificial Pre-Rigged Lures Work So Well?

If you're a Captain, you have to know where the fish feed.  Knowing where the target rich waters are is what sets good Captains apart.  With an experienced Captain and a crew of eager anglers who are prepared with right gear and equipment, you are more likely to catch fish and yell - GOTTEMONDOOD!

Regardless of your offshore trolling experience and knowledge, you want to ensure your time trolling is spent catching and not fishing.  Artificial pre-rigged lures are a must!  

If you are an expert sportsman, you will probably assemble your own and If you are a weekend warrior, pre-rigged lure packs are a great option to either purchase online or in retail stores/bait shops. 

The reasons that we choose to assemble our own rigs are cost and cost. 

Are Artificial Pre-rigged Lures as Effective as Natural Bait Rigs?

Artificial pre-rigged lures work great, and you'll catch plenty of fish with them. They are 100% battle tested, with more fish caught than we can count.  

Pre-rigged lure packs take the guess work out of selecting the right lure combos for several reasons/benefits.  If you've been rigging your own lures vs. buying pre-assembled packs, here's some things to think about: 

Do you know what the best lures are for each type of fish you are likely to encounter? 

Lure packs are designed to attract certain types of fish from general “meat fish” packs, to specific Red Eye Tuna packs, Marlin packs etc.  See the range? 

Some kits are designed also to not only attract tuna and dolphin for example, but will also stand up should you encounter a small sail or marlin.

Bonus: Many kits include lure replacement diagrams, spread charts, and recommended trolling speed.

Would you rather spend time researching and investing your hard earned dollars with little return because you decided to figure it our on your own?  Or buy the packs the experts have assembled for you and go and start trolling???  

Maybe as you were breaking your weekend warrior hobby down to a science having lost sight of the big picture: REELING ‘EM IN DOOD, you forgot to bring mesh bags or one of the tools you need to take your catch home for dinner. 

The most sought after packs will vary by location. In Florida the most popular pack sets/kits are assembled for trolling dolphin and tuna.  They are available in a variety of colors, shapes, materials and  size.  

They usually include recommendations for position spread in the form of a spread chart.

Trolling lure packs usually come with a selection of the best heads and proven color patterns for the target species.

Professional packs will likely include chaffing gear, stainless steel hooks, crimps, premium tournament quality rigging and leader material, tips, and charts.  

Pre-assembled trolling lure packs are a must on any offshore boat. The ease of use and ability to change lures in the spread at any time makes them extremely convenient.

Even if you pre-rigged your own lures and think you did think of everything, are your pre-rigs assembled to attract each of the fish you might encounter?  

Reeling them in left and right!!! But wait, how long is it taking you to replace your rigs and adjust your spreads?  AND…. is the equipment that you decided to buy holding up to the challenge?  Did your crew string enough hooks?

Did that dream quickly become your worst nightmare? To get your hooks in the big game you probably knew you needed trolling lure packs.  However, Mr. Marlin got away due to one or more details you missed.  Did you have the right leaders or hooks or lures or…..? D’oh!

You may only get a few shots at marlin in your lifetime, so professionally rigged lures are a must.   A weak link in your terminal tackle or rigging can be costly. When you a good strong tug, you want maximize your chances of reeling ‘em in dood by using quality gear and terminal connections.

Most marlin packs come with a selection of the best lures from each particular manufacturer.  Marlin regularly hunt dolphin and tuna, so filling a spread with lures from various packs increases your odds exponentially!  Much like a dolphin pack, you can troll a full spread of marlin lures or mix them.

What’s stopping you from investing in pre-assembled lure kits?

  • You are an expert angler and you know exactly what you need to catch what you aim for and want to rig your own lures.
  • You like to spend a ton of time preparing and listening to a different opinions from everyone you talk, each insisting their way is the best way.
  • Most packs are sold as is, although there are a few retailers out there that will customize the packs for you pros out there who fine-tune your spreads placing lures in specific positions, 
  • Purchase price:  Packs will include four to six fully rigged lures.  There may be sticker shock for those who have purchased one to two at a time in the past.

If you can see past these minor inconveniences, pre-assembled trolling lure packs are a great option to ensure your time trolling is spent catching and not fishing…. 


Matt Spector

Over the last 25 years, Captain Matt Spector has established himself as an expert fisherman and Captain. He's taught thousands how to be safer, smarter, more efficient anglers! There's simply nothing more satisfying than sharing a lesson, recommendation or tip that helps another angler be able to yell...GottemonDood!

Captain Matt

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