Expert Fishing Advice for Saltwater Anglers

Over the last 25 years, Captain Matt Spector has established himself as an expert fisherman and Captain.  He’s taught thousands how to be safer, smarter, more efficient anglers!  There’s simply nothing more satisfying than sharing a lesson, recommendation or tip that helps another angler be able to YELL -GOTTEMONDOOD!  Or for all the fishing newbies - GOT HIM (the FISH) - ON THE BOAT - DUDE! 

Because there’s always anglers that are eager to learn, Captain Matt has delivered on a long-standing vision to share his saltwater fishing experience (and that of other experts worldwide).  The goal is simple - to make saltwater fishing more productive, safe and fun. Our staff, fishing captains and related subject matter experts can’t wait to share all they’ve learned with our readers through our saltwater fishing blog – Gottemondood.  We'll cover every aspect of saltwater fishing. Topics you can expect to find include sportfishingreef and wreck fishingsurf fishingpier fishingsafetypre-trip prepkitchenequipment and so much more.  We may even throw in a few top-secret recipes.  Captain Matt is as well known for secret recipes as he is for getting the fish on the boat.

For experienced and expert anglers, we hope you'll see the Gottemondood blog as reinforcement and reminders for saltwater fishing best practices. We would also love to hear from you.  Share your ideas and feedback. It's all about helping one another learn to yell - Gottemondood more often.  For recreational or newer anglers, we hope to educate, inform, and guide you with answers to all of the questions we’ve become accustomed to addressing on our Gottemondood saltwater fishing charters.  And trust us when we say that there's almost no end to the questions or the innovative and ever-changing answers.

If you seek more information on anything, please send us a message. We'll do our best to get you an answer.  If you'd like to book a Gottemondood saltwater fishing charter, just click here!

We hope our blog will be entertaining, inspiring, educational, and create a ripple effect of more and more people enjoying this magnificent sport and hobby.

Thank you for sharing our first blog with us.  We hope you will share with many others.

Captain Matt Spector, Chief Angling Officer
Michael Cannon, Chief “Everything Else” Officer