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One of the Most Delicious Tasting Fish – Atlantic Tripletail


"Atlantic Tripletail is my favorite fish to eat."

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The Atlantic Tripletail is a good-eating fish. Tripletail has some of the best-tasting meat of any fish in the ocean. The firm white meat is both succulent and delicious. Many anglers consider the Tripletail to be superior tasting to Grouper and Snapper.

The Atlantic tripletail is the only fish in the family Lobotidae found in the Atlantic Ocean. However, it is distributed across tropical seas, especially the Indonesia region, which is commonly found in the wet market in Pontianak, West Borneo. Atlantic tripletail - Wikipedia

In US waters, Atlantic tripletails are found from Massachusetts and Bermuda to Argentina, the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, from Madeira Island to the Gulf of Guinea, the eastern Pacific from Costa Rica to Peru, and the western Pacific from Japan to Fiji and Tuvalu. However, they are rarely found north of Chesapeake Bay. Instead, they are located on the Gulf Coast from April to October and migrate to warmer waters during winter. Tripletail concentrate just offshore of two particular spots in the spring: Port Canaveral, Florida (March–June) and Jekyll Island, Georgia (April–July).

Atlantic tripletails are found coastally in most, but not all, tropical and subtropical seas. They are semi-migratory and pelagic. Usually solitary, they have been known to form schools. They can be found in bays, sounds, and estuaries during the summer. Juveniles are typically found swimming under patches of Sargassum algae. In the Gulf of Mexico, adults are usually found in open water but can also be found in passes, inlets, and bays near river mouths. Large adults are sometimes found near the surface over deep, open water, although always associated with floating objects. Young fishes are often found in or near shipwrecks, beams or supports, jetties, flotsam, and sea buoys. Fry are usually found in waters that exceed 84 °F (29 °C), higher than 3.3‰ salinity, and more than 230 feet (70 m) deep. [3]

Tripletail are well known for their unusual behavior of floating just beneath the surface with one side exposed, mimicking a leaf or floating debris. This is thought to be a feeding strategy because of the locality of their prey items and the floating structures associated with this behavior. [4] The behavior has resulted in a rapidly increasing incidence of recreational fishermen sight-fishing for the floating tripletail's, resulting in severe bag and length restrictions in Florida and Georgia to ensure future populations.


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